Will & Trust Contests

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It’s probably wrong to say that Will and Trust contests are the bread and butter of what we do at Chalgian & Tripp – maybe more like the meat and potatoes. Cases like this are heavy – a lot to digest. Even so, we always have more than one or two of these types of cases going at a time.

Our litigation team is firm-wide. It includes senior lawyers, young lawyers, clerks and skilled legal assistants. And that’s what it takes to manage these kinds of cases.

Typical cases involve claims of undue influence and lack of capacity. But other theories, like conversion, duress and breach of fiduciary duty are not uncommon.

It takes an experienced team to win these cases. And it takes lawyers that come from a probate background to get the best results. It’s hard to believe there are any other firms that can bring the experience and expertise that Chalgian & Tripp provides.

We’ve had some great results in really difficult cases, and we handle appeals as well.

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