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Social Workers & Case Managers

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As any elder law attorney will tell you, it isn’t always easy to distinguish elder law from social work.

At Chalgian & Tripp Law Offices, we find that many of our clients benefit from having lawyers as well as social workers or case managers available to assist with issues that arise when making decisions for their loved ones.

When it’s more than a legal matter

Chalgian & Tripp prides itself on offering clients a holistic approach to caring for loved ones with care needs. Part of that approach includes not turning non-legal issues into legal issues. While many clients need some legal services, many do not, or the legal services may only be part of the solution they are looking for.

For these reasons, Chalgian and Tripp has social workers and care managers on staff, as well as attorneys.

Placement Options

Many families who come to Chalgian and Tripp are facing challenges with how to care for a loved one who needs assistance with activities of daily living. We all want what’s best for our loved ones, but knowing what’s “best” is rarely as easy as it sounds.

Exploring whether home care is possible or preferable, or whether institutional care is a better option, requires understanding care needs, the personal preference of the vulnerable adult, costs government benefits. Our team helps families with the challenges of balancing dignity and independence against safety and convenience. Our team understands the challenges families face, and is familiar with the services and facilities that they may want to explore.

Case Management

At times, clients are looking for more detailed assessments of a loved one’s situation, and a plan that provides management over the years.

Chalgian and Tripp case management services can provide clients with an assessment of current needs, as well as anticipate what future needs are likely to arise, and how those future needs can be addressed now. In addition to a life plan, case management services can also provide clients with an expert who will stay tuned into their loved one’s needs as things change, and help guide them through the changes as they occur.

Our Team

Chalgian and Tripp is fortunate to have a team of social workers and case managers, each having extensive experience with aging issues, to serve as an important supplemental resource to our clients.

Jill Clouser, LBSW

Jill Clouser, LBSW

Jill Clouser is a graduate of Western Michigan University with a bachelor’s degree in social work. Prior to joining Chalgian & Tripp, Jill worked for Region 2 Area Agency on Aging as an eligibility specialists/care manager and also marketed for local retirement communities. She is a member of the National Association of Social Workers…

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Megan Kiser, LBSW

Megan Kiser, LBSW

Megan Kiser received a Bachelor of Science in Community Health Education from Eastern Washington University and became a licensed social worker in the state of Michigan in 2005. Megan’s career has focused upon the elderly and aging population. She is passionate about programs and services that meet the…

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John Fusik, NMG

John Fusik, NMG

John Fusik is a social gerontologist with more than 30 years of experience working with the aged and persons with disabilities to maintain maximum independence and dignity. He is a National Master Guardian Emeritus, a certification through the Center for Guardianship Certification reflecting education, experience and knowledge…

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