Carrie Alexander

Carrie Alexander, Case Manager/Housing & Resource Advocate

Prior to joining Chalgian and Tripp, Carrie Alexander worked at the Community Housing Network covering the Metro Detroit area. Ms. Alexander’s position at CHN included acting as Trust Administrator for the Springhill Housing Pooled Accounts Trust, one of the largest pooled accounts trusts in Michigan. “Pooled trusts” are used to allow persons with disabilities  to retain their resources while remaining qualified for assistance programs, including Medicaid and Community Mental Health services.

Ms. Alexander holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree and Master’s degree from Oakland University.

As the Case Manager/Housing and Resource Advocate with Chalgian and Tripp, Ms. Alexander uses her education, experience and the resources of the law firm to work with and advocate for families and individuals to obtain assistance, and by doing so, maximize their dignity and independence.

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