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By Doug Chalgian on April 6, 2020

Impact Payments and Medicaid. As you recall, a big part of the federal stimulus bill is that people will get cash payments. Specifically, all tax filers who have annual income of less than $99,000 (doubled for married) will get something. The full payment of $1,200 per person will be made to those with income less than $75,000 (double for married). Bonus payments per child. The Social Security Administration has announced that for SSI recipients, these payments will not be treated as income and will also not be counted as resources for twelve months = time to spend down. Presumably the State of Michigan will adopt the same policy for our Medicaid beneficiary clients, but I have not seen that yet. Click here for SSA policy.

Tuesday Meeting. The Michigan legislature plans to convene tomorrow, April 7, 2020. Among other things, they will decide whether to adopt the Governor’s proposal to extend the “stay at home” order into June. Talk is they may end the order on an earlier date – or perhaps extend the order for some parts of the state and not others. Legislature may also look at questions about what types of businesses are essential.

Remote Witnessing. The topic of allowing remote notarizations and witnessing on estate planning documents was all the rage on the probate and elder law listservs. Section representatives have been working diligently to get something done about this concern. Turns out other groups are interested in the topic as well – bankers and healthcare organizations among them. This means that what the lawyers have asked for may be modified or supplemented by what these other interests want. While it’s likely that something will happen on this issue this week, it is not clear what the rules will be, whether the relief will be in the form of an executive order or legislation, and whether the “fix” will be temporary or permanent.

COVID PushbackIf you’re looking for a little COVID feel-good news, click here for a blog from the CT website.  It’s a story about one of our awesome attorneys, Joelle Gurnoe-Adams, who wouldn’t let COVID concerns justify cuts to her client’s CMH Services. 

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Doug Chalgian

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