Gilligan’s Island Meets Elder Law

By Doug Chalgian on April 21, 2016

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So what happened after the rescue? These are my thoughts (just for laughs):


A simple well-meaning man, after his rescue, his celebrity status generated a substantial income.   But his generosity to friends and good causes left him without sufficient resources to provide for adequate care options as he aged.  He died ignobly at age 90 in a Medicaid bed at the Sailors and Seafarers Nursing Home in San Francisco.


Full of himself but in reality much less sophisticated than he believed, after attending multiple chicken dinner seminars, he was convinced to put all his money in annuities and risky investments; and further to create a series of complex but unbeneficial irrevocable trusts. Entirely fleeced and ruined, he sailed off in a small dingy at the age of 77 and was never heard from again.  An investigation of his computer suggested he was aiming for the island sanctuary where he had spent the happiest years of his life.


Egotistical and high-living, she enjoyed her moments of fame upon her return to civilization. After a series of marriages to increasingly younger men, she was left without resources, and died in a shabby apartment in Los Angeles from a drug and alcohol overdose.  It is said she was clutching a photograph of the Professor when she passed.


Prudent and practical, Maryanne hired skilled legal counsel upon her return to the continent. She smartly negotiated her book and T.V. rights and invested her earnings. She lived happily and comfortably to a ripe old age on her family farm in the Midwest; leaving her substantial estate to family and charities.

The Howells

Lovey died shortly after the couple was rescued leaving Thurston depressed and vulnerable. Thurston lived on a several more years, and suffered from age-related cognitive decline.  In his last years he purportedly married a care-giver in a secret ceremony.  Following his death the care-giver spouse battled with distant relatives over the estate.

The Professor

Smart but quirky, he returned to teaching in Southern California but suffered a series of grave medical conditions. After a particularly brutal medical procedure, he elected to end his life using California’s assisted suicide law, and through his example advanced assisted-suicide legislation in several other states.  He left his estate to research.

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Doug Chalgian

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