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By Doug Chalgian on December 28, 2017

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We’ve hit a slow stretch.  Although there have been a slew of cases released by the Court of Appeals since Thanksgiving, none of them seemed blogworthy.  Or maybe it’s just me.  In any event, the year is closing out and accordingly I give you the most popular posts of 2017:

Number one was called “Bloody Thursday.”  This post summarized a three COA opinions all released simultaneously, all addressing Medicaid planning issues, and all holding in favor of the Department of Health and Human Services.

Number two was “MSC Takes Its Shot at Estate Recovery” which reviewed the Michigan Supreme Court’s holding in three combined cases dealing with Medicaid estate recovery, and also holding on the side of the Department of Health and Human Services.

Number three went to “Credit Union Joint Account Cases Messier Yet.”  A COA opinion explaining the burdens and presumptions in play with respect to surviving owners when joint accounts are created at credit unions.

Number four and five were a tie:  “Playing the Sanctions Game in Probate Court” and “Peter’s Principles and Our Evolving Understanding of Exploitation.”  The first is self-explanatory.  The second discusses the work of Dr. Peter Lichtenberg and his research on financial exploitation of vulnerable adults.

Finally, the winner in the touchy feely category for 2017 was “Resisting the Bucket List Mirage (aka More Naps Would be Good)“.

Thanks for reading.  Happy New Year.

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mm By: Doug Chalgian
Doug Chalgian

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