Nursing Home Video Surveillance Heading to Gov

By Doug Chalgian on December 21, 2020

NOTE: THE LEGISLATION WAS VETOED BY THE GOVERNOR AND DID NOT BECOME LAW.   Unless the Governor vetoes the bill, at some point in the future, Michiganders will...

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The Cautionary Tale and Tragic Death of Virginia Kermath

By Doug Chalgian on September 17, 2020

For those of you whose lives are so dull that you neither subscribe to the Chalgian and Tripp newsletter nor read the Michigan Funeral Directors Journal, following is...

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MDHHS Gets Busy

By Doug Chalgian on April 22, 2020

If, and only if, you are interested in more information on how Michigan's Department of Health and Human Services is addressing the COVID Crisis in LTC, click here...

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State Reveals Frank and Frightening Plan for LTC COVID Colonies

By Doug Chalgian on April 17, 2020

Yesterday, the State released policy authorizing the creation of “Regional Hubs” to which COVID affected persons in long term care, or needing long term care services, would be...

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Nursing Homes to Segregate COVID-19 Population

By Doug Chalgian on March 26, 2020

State and Federal entities are taking steps to address the COVID-19 Crisis. Long Term Care Facilities offer some of the most difficult challenges with respect to managing the...

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Henry Ford Village Refund Policy Upheld by COA

By Doug Chalgian on November 1, 2018

Henry Ford Village is a large senior housing provider in the metro Detroit area. At least some of their residents enter into continuing care contracts that require an...

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