A Saturday Twofer

By Doug Chalgian on May 13, 2023

  In the cases released by the Michigan Court of Appeals this week, I find two cases that combined provide just enough meat for one juicy nut (aka,...

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Billy and Bud Buy a Tractor

By Doug Chalgian on April 22, 2023

  Billie gave Bud money to buy a tractor.  Undisputed. (I’m not making up the names.) Bud dies ten years later and Billie comes to Bud’s estate to...

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COA Finds Middle Ground in Farm Family Feud

By Doug Chalgian on April 4, 2023

  This is a classic farm family story.  If you practice in any rural areas, you’ve probably heard this one before. Dad and Son farm together for decades...

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Surviving Spouse Escapes Trust Box – COA Puts Him Back

By Doug Chalgian on March 28, 2023

  The challenge when planning for second marriages where each of them has children from prior relationships is that the client has to decide how it will go...

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Nurse Helps Sick Man … Loses License

By Doug Chalgian on March 24, 2023

  The undisputed facts seem to be that a man met a woman at a casino.  The man was 75 years-old, had cancer, and had recently lost his...

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Discovery Deviousness leads to Dismissal

By Doug Chalgian on March 18, 2023

  Although, In Re Gregory Hall Trust is a published decision arising out of trust litigation, the case is really about discovery sanctions. [Click on the name to...

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Father Finds Little Sympathy in COA

By Doug Chalgian on March 16, 2023

  It’s hard to imagine a legal proceeding more painful than one at which parents argue over how to divide the proceeds from a lawsuit following their child’s...

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Day Late Wedding Leaves Maybe-Widow Short

By Doug Chalgian on March 11, 2023

  Sandra and Leroy obtained a marriage license, hired a pastor and went through with a marriage ceremony in a church.  Two of Leroy’s six children were in...

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COA Clarifies Actions Under Section 1205

By Doug Chalgian on February 22, 2023

  MCL 700.1205 is a section of EPIC that provides a unique method for discovery.  Part 1 of that statute says:  (1) The court may order a person...

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Sly and the Family Feud

By Doug Chalgian on February 10, 2023

  This twisted story is full of sound and fury, but signifies only, I think, that an agent appointed under a power of attorney by a pro per...

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Doug Chalgian

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