Aging In Michigan - July 2016

Aging In Michigan 2016

Noah’s Spark

In May 2015, the prognosis for Noah Slocum-Sinke wasn’t good. He was in the emergency room on life support. That’s when C&T case manager John Fusik recommended a somewhat controversial form of treatment, a therapy not generally accepted in the medical community but something that had worked with some of John’s other clients. It helped – a lot. “Before John helped us find an alternative therapy for Noah we were told to begin funeral planning. We didn’t know if his internal seizures would stop and there was talk of a feeding tube. Now we’re planning for his life. It is wonderful,” his mother explained. “Noah’s story is one of those feel good cases that reminds us all why we do the work we do,” said Attorney Amy Tripp, “and why having case managers be a part of Chalgian & Tripp is so important.”

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