Aging In Michigan - September 2018


Talking About Your Estate Plan

When it comes to what to say to family members about your estate plan, clients cover the spectrum. There are those that say nothing, and those that share all the details. As with many things, there is no right answer, but there are things to consider in deciding what is right for you.

  • If you really don’t want the kids to know about your affairs, that is fine. But someone needs to know where to look for important papers should something happen to you. Giving them the contact information for your lawyer, and authorizing your lawyer to share information would, in most cases, be sensible.
  • If there is any question that the persons you appoint to act as power of attorney may have some reservations about acting, it’s best to let them know that you have nominated them. Allowing them to talk to your lawyer about what their job entails may be a good idea as well.

Getting an estate plan prepared is one thing. Sharing information about those documents is another matter, and something you should discuss with your lawyer.

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