Aging In Michigan - September 2020

Business is Booming

People often ask how business has been with the whole COVID thing. Somewhat surprisingly, it turns out business is good.

While COVID has reshaped the legal landscape, those changes appear to have significantly increased the demand for the services provided by CT.

Offices Are Open

CT went to almost entirely remote services during the height of the crisis, but as our offices reopened we found that many of our clients wanted to meet in-person.  We’re doing that, but with increased cleaning and reduced capacity.  It seems to be working.

Of course many clients still are happy with phone meetings, Zoom conferences, and having their documents witnessed remotely or even in the yard or parking lot.

One obvious explanation for the  increased demand is that with all the talk about sickness and  hospitalizations, people are thinking more about estate planning, whether that’s getting a patient advocate designation in place or updating their will.

Becoming Old Reliable

Another factor in the business boom seems to be the fact that we’ve been around.  Clients, and the professionals who refer them to us, realize that the pandemic has had a winnowing effect on all sorts of businesses, including lawyers and law firms.  But people know who we are, where we are, what we do and that we’ve been at this for awhile and aren’t going anywhere.  Reputation, size and stability seems to matter more now.

Not Too Busy for You

Please don’t misunderstand.  While we are busy, we are still more than happy to help you with your estate planning and elder law needs.


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