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Medicaid Planning

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Probably more than in any other practice area, CT lawyers are recognized as the State experts in Medicaid planning. Doug Chalgian literally wrote the Michigan Medicaid Planning Handbook, which is the primary source of information on Medicaid planning used by hundreds of Michigan lawyers.

Medicaid applications are filed out of all of our offices on a regular basis, and each office is staffed with legal assistants with many years of experience in compiling and preparing Medicaid applications.

Yes, Medicaid planning is confusing. Yes, there is a lot of misinformation out there about Medicaid planning. And yes, there are a lot of people making incredible claims about what they can do to “protect your assets.” Whatever.

In the end, there are rules that you can use to your advantage, those rules change frequently, but planning opportunities exist, and no law firm is more qualified to explain your options to you. If you decide that Medicaid makes sense in your situation, no law firm is better able to help you implement a plan and file an application.

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