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Medicaid Planning

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Probably more than in any other practice area, CT lawyers are recognized as the State experts in Medicaid planning. Doug Chalgian literally wrote the Michigan Medicaid Planning Handbook, which is the primary source of information on Medicaid planning used by hundreds of Michigan lawyers.

Medicaid applications are filed out of all of our offices on a regular basis, and each office is staffed with legal assistants with many years of experience in compiling and preparing Medicaid applications.

Yes, Medicaid planning is confusing. Yes, there is a lot of misinformation out there about Medicaid planning. And yes, there are a lot of people making incredible claims about what they can do to “protect your assets.” Whatever.

In the end, there are rules that you can use to your advantage, those rules change frequently, but planning opportunities exist, and no law firm is more qualified to explain your options to you. If you decide that Medicaid makes sense in your situation, no law firm is better able to help you implement a plan and file an application.

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To read more about Medicaid Planning, take a look at these articles:

Overcoming the urge to do something about long term care

Overcoming the Urge to "Do Something" About Long-term Care

October 1, 2013 | Doug Chalgian

Getting old is scary. Friends and loved ones are dead and dying. Your body has declined. Your mind may be failing. What seemed like a nice nest egg now seems inadequate. ...
The ABC's of Medicaid

The ABC's of Medicaid

April 1, 2008 | Doug Chalgian

Medicaid is a government health insurance program. Unlike Medicare (the other big government health insurance program) to qualify for Medicaid a person must be elderly or ...

And These Blog Posts About Medicaid

Ladybird Deeds Made Simple

By Susan Chalgian on Sep 29, 2017

The best way to understand a ladybird deed is to think of it as a beneficiary designation on real estate. That is, the property continues to be owned in all respects by the person creating the deed for so long as they are alive, but when they die,...

A Bridge Too Far

By Doug Chalgian on Oct 19, 2016

When clients come in with really difficult problems, we all try to come up with creative solutions to get them out of the jam. But there is a line where “creative solutions” ends and “WTF give it a try, there’s nothing to lose” begins. ...

The Medicaid Planning Question

By Doug Chalgian on Nov 30, 2015

I get invited to present to a lot of groups about various topics – one of the most popular topics being planning for long term care. It is an important topic because there is so much misinformation and so many misconceptions about it. As a result,...

VA and LTC Planning

By Doug Chalgian on Sep 13, 2015

I recently responded to a post on a listserv in which the issue of using irrevocable trusts to “protect assets” in order to obtain VA Aid and Attendance pension income was the topic.  It caused me to organize my thoughts on this important...

Court of Appeals Upends Medicaid Caregiver Policy

By Doug Chalgian on Feb 21, 2015

I started out calling this post, “Court of Appeals Confuses Medicaid Caregiver Policy” – but having reread the case, “Upends” seems to be a more accurate description. The case is Jensen v Department of Human Services.  Click here to read...

PACE and Divestment

By Doug Chalgian on Jan 27, 2015

“Divestment” is a term Medicaid uses to mean transferring assets before applying for benefits.  The term “lookback period” is a Medicaid term which refers to the period of time, prior to filing an application during which asset transfers...

VA Changes Looming

By Chalgian & Tripp on Feb 12, 2015

The Veterans Administration recently announced proposed changes to policy with respect to the increasingly popular Aid and Attendance enhanced pension program.  This program allows Veterans who served during periods of conflict, and their spouses,...

Lady Bird Deeds and the Low Hanging Fruit

By Doug Chalgian on Jan 09, 2013

Nearly two years ago, Michigan began implementing a Medicaid Estate Recovery Program.  “Estate recovery” means that people who receive Medicaid assistance in the nursing home, through the MI Choice or PACE programs, face the prospect that when...

The King Lear Complex

By Doug Chalgian on Jan 08, 2013

King Lear is a fictional king of ancient times.  William Shakespeare wrote one of his darkest plays about this character. The King was a good man.  He was getting up in years.  He had three daughters (same as me). He decided that he wanted to...

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