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Estate & Trust Administration

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So, lucky you, you got picked to be in charge of the estate or trust. Now you need to know how to keep this assignment from consuming, or even ruining, your life.

Inventories, accountings, claims and creditors. Is the joint account part of the estate? Can you charge for your work? How much? Yep – all of that matters.

Best advice you can get is to work with a lawyer who knows the rules, knows how to pull information together, meet deadlines, and keep the process from spiraling out of control and taking over your life. You don’t need the stress.

CT lawyers are glad to help – and this is what they do. It’s not their first rodeo so to speak. They will get the job done, and do everything within their powers to keep you out of hot water.

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Ready to Meet With an Attorney?

Ready to Meet With an Attorney?

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