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Estate Planning

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As much as any area of the law, clients come to the estate planning process with misunderstandings, confusion and often fear. Concepts like “avoiding probate” and the “death tax” have entered into the public consciousness, but their significance is often exaggerated.

CT’s estate planning lawyers aren’t going to scare you with more intimidating concepts. Rather, their goal is to help you understand and make good decisions. No pressure, just information and guidance.

Would you benefit from having a Living Trust or is a simple Will adequate?

What is the difference between a medical and financial Power of Attorney?

Who should you appoint to manage your affairs when you die or if you become incapacitated?

Our lawyers are among the most experienced and knowledgeable estate planning attorneys in Michigan. That means they have both the technical expertise (know how to use the right words, know where the tax traps are, and know what the various documents should be used for) and that they are good counselors (help you understand what makes sense in your situation, explain the various documents and how those documents might be used in your situation).

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