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Elder Law

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Elder law is an interesting label. For many lawyers, and non-lawyers, the term “elder law” has become synonymous with Medicaid planning; and is often associated with the chicken dinner seminar programs where free meals are handed out along with a whole lot of misleading nonsense about annuities and asset protection.

So, to be clear, that isn’t what elder law means at CT. For us, elder law is a much broader topic – it’s about helping families face challenges that often come with getting older. These challenges can include: difficulty living independently, cognitive decline, and financial exploitation, among other things.

Sure, CT can help with Medicaid and other government benefits planning. In fact, CT has two attorneys who are certified in elder law by the National Elder Law Foundation, and Doug Chalgian literally wrote the book on Medicaid planning (appropriately titled: The Michigan Medicaid Planning Handbook) relied upon by hundreds of Michigan lawyers.

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The present, past and future of elder law

The Present, Past and Future of Elder Law

Jan 01, 2016 | Doug Chalgian

For obvious reasons, I interact with a lot of people who are looking for an “elder law” attorney. The label seems to have caught on. So I will tak ...
Caring for aging parents

Caring for Aging Parents

Dec 15, 2015 | Doug Chalgian

It sounds like a simple proposition: hiring caregivers to help an impaired older adult remain in their home. But, as with many of the issues that aris ...
Plan to Be 100

Plan to Be 100

Jan 01, 2013 | Doug Chalgian

These days, living to be 100 years old is not unusual. But most people (at least most of my clients) don’t necessarily want to think about what that ...
Elder Law Litigation and the Lessons I’ve Learned

Elder Law Litigation and the Lessons I've Learned

Jan 01, 2010 | Doug Chalgian

Elder law litigation is on the rise. But little has been written about it, and from what I see in probate courts around the state, little is...

And These Blog Posts About Elder Law:

I heard Dr. Peter Lichtenberg speak the other day about his research on financial vulnerability in older adults, and more specifically, how and why he developed the Lichtenberg Financial Decision-Making Rating Scale. It’s probably the fourth time...

A Hospice Philosopher

By Doug Chalgian on Nov 04, 2016

I attended a memorial service this week. There was a lunch, and for part of the time I sat with a woman I had never met.  She was a friend of my aunt (the mother of my recently deceased cousin).  She told me that she was a hospice nurse.  She...
He came in using a walker – clearly shaking, very unsteady – with extensive bruises on both arms.  When I saw on the questionnaire that he was 71 years-old, I was surprised.  I would have guessed he was older.  He was accompanied by a...

Bittner’s Bite

By Doug Chalgian on Sep 13, 2015

So we have a new published opinion on a probate court case – something unusual these days.  In Re Conservatorship of Shirley Bittner was published September 8, 2015.  Click here to read the case. In Bittner, the probate court imposed a...

The Second Love of Her Life: A Sunday Morning Story

By Doug Chalgian on Apr 19, 2015

Yesterday I met with a family regarding a new matter. These days I try to avoid Saturday appointments – but I was told these clients “really needed” to get in. I’m not sure the case warranted emergency status, but I’m glad...

The End of Life Tar Pit

By Doug Chalgian on Feb 17, 2013

I had the most amazing client interview the other day.  A retired attorney in a lockdown unit at an assisted living facility, placed there by his family and against his will.  Perfectly lucid, but deemed to be “unable to make informed...

The One Year Rule

By Doug Chalgian on Dec 21, 2012

The “one year rule” is something I developed counseling clients about adult guardianships, and specifically, when, and if, to file. It comes up in the following situations: Client is an adult child of a demented parent.  Parent...

Anatomy of Senior Seminar Scam

By Doug Chalgian on Dec 29, 2012

When you reach a certain age you begin receiving invitations to “educational seminars.”  Often bright colored postcards in the mail, sometimes formalistic letters, even advertisements in the local paper. Usually they offer a “free meal.” In...

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