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Elder law is an interesting label.

For many lawyers, and non-lawyers, the term “elder law” has become synonymous with Medicaid planning; and is often associated with the chicken dinner seminar programs where free meals are handed out along with a whole lot of misleading nonsense about annuities and asset protection.

So, to be clear, that isn’t what elder law means at CT. For us, elder law is a much broader topic – it’s about helping families face challenges that often come with getting older. These challenges can include: difficulty living independently, cognitive decline, and financial exploitation, among other things.

Sure, CT can help with Medicaid and other government benefits planning. In fact, CT has two attorneys who are certified in elder law by the National Elder Law Foundation, and Doug Chalgian literally wrote the book on Medicaid planning (appropriately titled: The Michigan Medicaid Planning Handbook) relied upon by hundreds of Michigan lawyers.

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