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Our team of special needs planning attorneys and social workers have the expertise and the sensitivity that is essential to helping families understand and plan for the future.

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Planning for family members with special needs is more than just setting up a trust. While special needs trusts are important, the real work is in understanding public benefits; housing options; and surrogate decision-making, including guardianships and the alternatives to guardianships.

A “special needs trust” often provides the framework for a plan, but understanding how that document will function, and who will make decisions, and how those decisions will impact the quality of life of the person with special needs, are the real keys to a successful plan.

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checkmark The lawyers at Chalgian & Tripp who practice in our special needs group are each uniquely connected to the special needs community.
checkmark All of us understand the emotional and legal challenges of planning to protect loved ones who often cannot protect themselves.
checkmark We help you balance your loved one’s dignity, safety, quality of care, and convenience.
checkmark We’re unique in our statewide reach.
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Chalgian & Tripp is unique in that, in addition to lawyers, our firm has social workers and case managers, each of whom have a depth of experience with the non-legal issues that families face when planning for persons with special needs.

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