Our ABLE Brochure

By Christopher Smith on May 11, 2017

9 Things you need to know about ABLE accounts

Are you wondering if an ABLE Account is right for you or for a loved one? Our attorneys have spent countless hours studying the ABLE Act and looking at ABLE programs across the country in order to advise our clients. For you, we have tried our best to compact our knowledge in our recently updated brochure “9 Things You Need To Know About ABLE Accounts.(more…)

MiABLE Launches In Michigan

By Christopher Smith on November 1, 2016

Nearly two years in the making, Michigan's ABLE program launched today in Lansing. This technically makes Michigan the fifth ABLE program in the country (and the fourth that...
The following is an article written by C&T Attorney Christopher W. Smith regarding the current status of the ABLE act and ABLE accounts and the unveiling of Michigan's ABLE...