Advising Clients on Medicare

By Christopher Smith on November 1, 2014

For too long, Medicare has been the forgotten stepchild of elder law. Few attorneys know its ins and outs, and most struggle to profitably integrate it into their law practices. Yet Medicare will impact nearly every client and is a crucial component of our clients’ long-term financial and physical health.

An Inconvenient Obstacle to Community Based LTC

By Doug Chalgian on February 12, 2013

Summary Because asset protection strategies commonly used in the context of nursing home Medicaid are problematic in the context of MI Choice Waiver and PACE programs, a...

Trending Up: Medicare Set Aside Agreement

By Doug Chalgian on December 19, 2012

This is an important probate issue, although admittedly one that many probate lawyers may never come in contact with.  The topic is Medicare Set Aside Agreements (MSAs).  This...